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For everything what is products and services the system has a panel of easy administration where without needing having technical knowledge the information of the site will be able to be updated. In addition the platform constantly is updated for being compatible with the last technologies. The platform of Virtual Business is in constant development as well as its accessories. At any time they are possible to be activated or to deactivate these options, consults by the costs of each. Consultant's office and support: We are a company with own servers and technical personnel present of Monday through Friday of 09:00 to 20:00 hours. in order to give all the necessary support. Also we have a group of designers and programmers preparations to make the updates that you need, with a fast capacity of answer.

Virtual business

  • Of fast development
  • Autoaministrable
  • Product experience for sale
  • Limitless product entrance
  • Constant update of System
  • Integrable with Google Analytics
  • Renovation of gratuitous design to the 18 months

They already have Virtual Business Monthly Plan