ESC 2013: Asus the Alive Tab Smart at first sight, by FayerWayer

ESC 2013: Asus the Alive Tab Smart at first sight, by FayerWayer
Asus returns to the load with a device with Windows 8: The VivoTab Smart Tablet. The equipment is tablet of 10,1 inches that runs with a processor Atom Z2760 and that promises 9.5 hours of duration of battery. He is very light, weighing 580 grams, and only has 9.7 mm in thickness.

The screen has a resolution of 1366 xs 768 and is multitactile. It is seen rather well. By back, the equipment counts on a camera of 8 MP, also counting on a frontal camera of 2 MP. The equipment also counts on a chip NFC. The VivoTab Smart will leave on sale by the end of month, and will cost USD$499 in the United States.

Perhaps most showy of the VivoTab Smart they are the accessories. They are sold in a separated pack that costs USD$129 and that includes a bedspread that also works to maintain the equipment standing up, plus a very light aluminum keyboard. The keyboard is solid and signs, with real bellboys, so that it feels comfortable to work. We remember that the promise of Windows 8 is that we will be able to have equipment that could be tablets or machines of work according to what we need, and in this respect the part to the keyboard is not smaller, for those who must write in their work.

The bedspread in as much bends of way a little origami to leave tablet standing up. One sticks with a magnet, very similar to the system that uses iPad with its own bedspread. Asus caused that the keyboard, that works of separated form, also sticks with the cover to be able to take it more easily.

Personally I believe that she is one of the best options than I have seen for these hybrids, with a good keyboard, good autonomy, and with Windows 8 normal, that it can run old applications. I leave them with some photos.

Source: FayerWayer.

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