ESC 2013: First YOU SMELL at first sight curved of the world

ESC 2013: First YOU SMELL at first sight curved of the world
LG and Samsung have been dedicated to be sent to messages during ESC this year mainly in the land of the televisions YOU SMELL. While Samsung announced the first one YOU SMELL curved of the world, LG presented the first one almost at the same time YOU SMELL curved and 3D of the world. Who gives but?

I started off to visit these new televisions to review the differences. Samsung is showing a model of 55 inches that is, indeed, curved. The image nevertheless is not distorted of any way and the angles of view work well, without the quality is lost if you are looking from a flank. By the front, the TV is seen very clear, taking advantage of all the advantages the technology YOU SMELL.

Samsung has not given prices for this equipment but the girl who was showing it indicated that he would be available in the second trimester, and that will come with Smart TV and 3D when she is on sale.

In the other corner we have to LG, that had three OLEDs curved unfolded in his booth instead of one, with the legend “ the first one YOU SMELL 3D curved ” of the world. Also it is of 55 inches and the image is equally shining and clear, although they were showing it in 3D and therefore the experience to stop itself in front of the screen is a little different.

As in the television of Samsung, the image does not become deformed with the curvature of the screen and the angles of view they are ample. The truth is that it is not so difficult to imagine one of these in living, although does not seem that they are possible to be hung of the wall.

The curved is TV the following level in the battle of the televisions?

Source: FayerWayer.

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