eBay wants to grow in Latin America and sends to sites in Portuguese and Spanish

eBay wants to grow in Latin America and sends to sites in Portuguese and Spanish
With the aim of driving its sales in Latin America the giant of the electronic commerce has sent to sites in Portuguese and Spanish as it leaves from his unfolding in one of the described ones as the last borders of Internet.

The Latin Americans still will have to hope for being able to buy and to sell of local form through eBay (as it happens in the USA) but they will be able to acquire products sold in sites of eBay in the USA, Europe or Asia by means of the use of interfaces that uses their same language, with the option to visualize the value of products in the currencies of his respective countries.

“ the launching of the portal eBay adapted for Latin America marks a new time in a day of several years, ambitious, with the aim of accelerating the geographic expansion and the commerce between borders for the markets of the BRIC ” explains the company doing with reference to emergent markets as India, Russia, Brazil, China or South Africa.

Latin America has become an attractive market for the sector of the companies of Internet as eBay, Twitter or Facebook due to the economic boom that has in the last undergone 10 years and that have allowed Latin American million of emerging from the poverty and connecting themselves to Internet.

According to the data of eBay, at the moment two million of Latin American exist that they buy through his international sites, coming half from them the greater market from Latin America. Brazil.

The caution is rules to follow by the companies of electronic commerce in its incursion in the Latin American market due to the enormous logistic challenges that consider. As it bets before the increase of the sales of smartphones in the region the company the past sent to month of September in movable Brazil one app that allowed to realise international article purchases fashionable.

But Latin America is not a market unknown for eBay or at least since Paypal, its division of payments online, arrived at several countries of the region some years ago before the growth of the electronic commerce.

Source: MarketingDirecto.com

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