Flickr gives Premium service to its users

Flickr gives Premium service to its users
Flickr, the service of Yahoo!, will give to all users three months of Premium account as gift of year end.

Thus it is, Flickr awards to all users granting to them accounts Premium during three months so that to the videos and photographies raise that wish. This as a gift of year end and, as a new effort of the service to maintain assets to its users.

But that is not everything, since the strategy also aims to free attract new users under the Premium announcement “ three months on watch ”. Of this form, the user when accepting the gift, automatically happens to have a Premium account, which allows to raise photos him the Web limitlessly and also to unload archives in HD.

This new strategy is added to the one of some ago days, in which Flickr announced a new application for iPhone that includes interaction with other users through groups, the use of tools and the application of filters as Instagram.

The gift of year end of Flickr is for all users: the users with gratuitous account and for whom already they count on service Pro, who will be able to extend it by other three months, and eye, do not request antiquity.

Source: MarketingHoy.

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