China creates a supercomputer search extraterrestrial life

China creates a supercomputer search extraterrestrial life
He will be able to realise 1,000 trillions of calculations per second

In order to scrutinize the borders of the well-known universe it is not enough with having the greater antenna, but also it is necessary that this one counts on capacity of sufficient computation as collecting and interpreting tens of thousands of signals coming from the celestial vault.

For that reason indeed FAST, the major radio telescope of history (at the moment it is in construction in China), will count until now, on one of the majors supercomputers constructed with the aim of looking for signs of extraterrestrial life and to investigate the dark matter, informs South China Morning Post.

Thus, the data that the enormous antenna picks up of the FAST - greater than 30 football grounds, will go directly to the guts of Sky Eye 1, a computer able to process more than 1,000 teraflops: 1,000 trillions of calculations per second.

That is still more speed that the last one of the put supercomputers enservicio, the Japanese Aterui. Sky Eye 1 will be lodged near the antenna, with the aim of which the data are process with the greater speed possible, and connected to her by means of a cable able to transmit 100 Gbytes/sec.

The Chinese state means do not have detailed which will be the total cost of Sky Eye 1, although if it is compared with another one of the supercomputers in operation in China, the numbers are annoying: Tianhe 2, pertenciente to the authorities of the Asian giant, cost near 400 million dollars and its daily electrical invoice surpasses the 60,000 dollars.


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