10 products of Apple that were a failure

10 products of Apple that were a failure
10 products of Apple that were a failure
10 products of Apple that were a failure
10 products of Apple that were a failure
In the new century, Apple has been referring technological and its products, everything a success. Devices as iPhone, iPod or iPad have made of the brand of the apple a recognized brand world-wide and with an unconditional legion of fans that continues increasing. But the beginnings sometimes are not easy, and to be too optimistic with certain products can have its consequences in the market, although already we know that these failures have not been more than mere anecdotes for the Californian brand.

Hi-Fi loudspeaker for iPod

It had an elegant and practical design, although the quality of sound left much to be desired, anyone of its competitors had better quality than this loudspeaker.

Mouse in the form of hockey disc

It left with first iMac. The users saw that its design was not compatible with its ergonomics and they rejected it by discomfort.

Macintosh TV

Macintosh TV left in 1993 and it only sold 10,000 units.

Pippin, the video game console

Produced by Bandai, it was the first attempt of Apple to enter the world of the video-game. It sold 42,000 units until its production stopped in 1997, after a year of sales.

Apple III

Successor of Apple II and tried to count on the same success, but its design caused that the brand reframed its production after 14,000 sold units.

PDA Newton

It left in 1987 and it was sold during 11 years until its production stopped. It had a limited functionality and a design that to him a great favor did not do.

QuickTake camera

It left in 1994 and she was one of the first digital cameras in leaving to the market. Its production in 1997 stopped after 3 years in the market. One assumes that its failure was due being too innovating and to remove to the market the product too much soon.

Macintosh Portable

He was first the portable one of Apple. In addition to the battery and the design of the writing-desk, its price did not help either: 7,300 dollars in 1989.

Power Mac G4 Cube

It left in 2000, but by its price (1,799 dollars) and not to have an internal ventilator that caused that too much was warmed up, a year was retired later, in 2001


Produced by Motorola, this mobile supported iTunes. It very had a storage limited and a very slow data transfer, reason why the two companies broke relations a year after their launching in 2005.

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