Electronic commerce: If you are a SME these are the reasons to initiate you in the E-Commerce

Electronic commerce: If you are a SME these are the reasons to initiate you in the E-Commerce
According to the last report of the Latin American Institute of Electronic Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago (CCS), Chile is a country where great advantages exist to realise electronic commerce due to the technological platform, the penetration of the Internet and the industry of movable telephony.

According to words of the president of the CCS, Peter Hill, the business online will grow a 20% due to factors as:

  • The high rate of connectivity
  • The financial depth
  • The digitalization of payment means

Nowadays the sales in line in Chile represent the order of $2,800 million, which indicates, according to Hill, a growth 10 times greater than the one of the physical stores.

With this one increasing demand the necessity arises to adapt to the new times and to take to the companies, its products and brands to the Web; either through a webpage with its respective domain and Web hosting, a virtual store or catalogue on line, including the option to pay through banking transferences or of electronic platforms as Paypal or Neteller.

Chile and the penetration of the electronic commerce

The growth of the community cannot be hidden online, 13 million Chileans own access to Internet, which represents 75% of the population, of which 4 million and average realise their purchases of habitual way on the Web.

Nevertheless and although the great chains of Retail have presence in Internet, it is observed with preoccupation that small, medium businessmen and innovators stay other people's to this one development.

According to estimations of the Center Digital Economy, less than 5% of the retail store have taken off its presence of sales in channels online, which in some categories, mainly in the area of durable goods, is leaving them outside the radar of the consumers, who every time adopt with more force the habit to make decisions of purchase based on the supply available in Internet.


It is hour to make the decision to go to the following level.

If you are a small or medium businessman is the opportunity to present your business in the network, to unite you to the electronic commerce, to realise campaigns and promotions through contact with your potential clients via mailing maviso.

It is hour to have a display cabinet online of your business, your products and to happen to form of the electronic commerce.

You do not leave your business disappears … guarantees its growth.

What delays?

Source: Comunicado and Commerce day

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