Apple surpasses to Samsung as brand of mobiles in China

Apple surpasses to Samsung as brand of mobiles in China
Until recently Samsung it was the brand leader of mobiles in China, nevertheless Apple has robbed him the position writing down a higher level in brings back to consciousness and loyalty in China.

According to the CNET and a survey realised between the consumers of great scale by the Research center name brand China, Samsung was restored in the first position of this country as better brand from year 2012. This sounding calculates with 13,500 Chinese in 30 different cities, with ages among the 15 and 60 years.

According to this report, the Samsung brand is concentrate in trying to increase the market share at the expense of maintaining an approach in the needs of the consumer. Meanwhile, Apple has maintained during time the market share, maintaining its objective to make best products of this.

In addition, Tim Cook, executive director of Apple, are developing recently that the company has predicted to open 25 new stores in China within next the two years.

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