Map not to lose itself in the “ mansion ” of Alibaba

Map not to lose itself in the “ mansion ” of Alibaba
Map not to lose itself in the “ mansion ” of Alibaba
Map not to lose itself in the “ mansion ” of Alibaba
Map not to lose itself in the “ mansion ” of Alibaba
Alibaba, “ the Chinese Amazon ”, he makes debut today in Wall Street with the intention to turn his stock-exchange opening into most shining of the Internet history. Almost a stranger by these homes, Alibaba is a technological colossus whose power is comparable in its native country to the one of Amazon, eBay and Paypal in the rest of the world.

Next, and of the hand of Spiegel, we explained the keys to them to understand what one hides behind the phenomenal technological empire of Alibaba:

1. The company
In China Alibaba it agglutinates in China the same power that eBay, Amazon and Paypal at global level.

Taobao: it is a platform in which there is on sale near 800 million products, as much new as used. Often it is compared to this company with eBay, although unlike the American company, in Taobao the products are not auctioned but they are sold to a fixed price.

Tmall: this company is rival direct of the giant of the electronic commerce Amazon. Great international brands as Levi ’ s or Disney uses this platform as official channel of sale. Euromonitor foretells that in 2015 Tmall it will surpass in volume of sales to the Amazon Almighty.

Alipay: it is a system of payment online very similar to Paypal. Nevertheless unlike the American multinational, the salesman does not receive the money until the buyer has expressed its conformity with the acquired product.

2. The numbers
For Marissa Mayer the participation of Yahoo! in Alibaba is everything a triumph. For more than two years, the Internet giant tries to adjust its accounts, something that will obtain fully thanks to the exit to stock market of the Chinese company.

The fortune of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, already is considered at present in approximately 22,000 million dollars. This amount will add new zero after the exit to the company.

The Japanese company of Softbank telecommunications is the top shareholder of Alibaba. Nevertheless, after the stock-exchange debut of the company, its power on Alibaba will be limited, according to the analysts. Softbank will be able to propose, putting itself in agreement with Jack Ma, to a member of the advice of administration of Alibaba.

Joseph Tsai, the executive vice-president of Alibaba, is the right hand of Jack Ma. Without him, the exit to stock market of the Chinese colossus of e-commerce would have been unthinkable. Its fortune is considered in 3.200 million dollars.

3. The exit to stock market: The exit to stock market of Alibaba will be one of greatest of history. With her, Alibaba will foreseeably pocket the trifle of 21,800 million dollars and will back have a considered value of 200,000 million dollars, leaving to technological giants as IBM and Facebook.

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