It is easy to position a webpage in Google?

It is easy to position a webpage in Google?
When the first pinitos in SEO are becoming, some can get to think that the positioning Web is not so complicated. You have created a webpage with your own hosting and domain, there are customized the design, you have created interesting content and you have raised it Internet. After a time, Google already has indexed it and it has been positioned first for the keyword that you wanted. Easy, no?

Nevertheless, soon it give account you of which he is not as simple as it seems. That according to the characteristics of your webpage and the domain that you are using, it can be rather more complicated to get to position a page in Google. This post goes directed to all those that are learning to position their Web in Internet. We begin by this principle.

That your page is first in Google does not mean that you will have many visits

The objective of which it makes SEO is not only to position. It is to position for the suitable key words and to secure to traffic Web. If I create a webpage with the rarest name, as “ ”, surely you end up yourself positioning first. Nevertheless, what it deals with that page? there is somebody has interest in fleas that want to be ingenieras? Really, I do not rise in the morning thinking about that.

By all means, nothing prevents you to buy peculiar domains and to try to secure to a high traffic Web. If the page is a blog on humor and is that or it is done, you raise some viral videos that run by average world, beams an excellent work in social networks and you are after some months or years with hundreds of visits, you will have been able to mark tendency doing all opposes it that it would make a SEO.

Instead of to give people which already is looking for, you can create something that to anybody interests to him and to deal with that in the future it interests to him. If the project is successful and it becomes famous, it is not strange to you that a day is that people begin search “ the fleas that wanted to be ingenieras ” in Google. Perhaps it does not have many visits as such, perhaps but it leaves in Google Instant and, if we verified it with Google Trends, these keywords would be increasing with time.

I know that the example is something a little crazy, but hope that you understand what I mean. In Internet still they are many things to invent and the prize always is going away to take it the one that does well. Not due to making SEO you are going to secure to a high traffic Web. If it is that your contents are not entertained or they do not interest to him to anybody, although you are first in Google, soon you will end up losing that position because the visits do not last more of 00:01 seconds.

Responding to the initial question: it is easy to position a webpage in Google? It always depends on how it is looked. To position itself, yes, for the key words on which there are not many pages. To secure to traffic Web and to maintain it already are another question that it requires of more effort.


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