Protect to you against the identity impersonation

Protect to you against the identity impersonation
Although the majority of the companies counts on some profile in the social networks, websites, blogs, etc. All these profiles cannot be the officials of the brand or the company, unfortunately the people do not know and can be giving it to confidential information to people totally agenas to the company.

Not to do anything with this type of cases she will take us the following thing:

- Robbery of clients or followers.
- Spreading of confidential information.
- Violation of privacy rights.
- Swindles in the name of the company.
- Innesesarias fines

The solution? To implement measures of monitoring and recognition of this type of profiles in social networks, websites or some other digital means that can affect the prestige of our company. We must be used to our equipment of YOU thus putting in practice the intelligence of businesses with existing tools in the company based specifically on average digitalises, we will save money and take care of to the people and the reputation of the company.

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