Amazon, Ebay and Groupon, the favorite stores online of the Spaniards

Amazon, Ebay and Groupon, the favorite stores online of the Spaniards
Webloyalty, international leader in programs of purchases online, has carried out the second edition of the study “ Online Shoppers ” that analyzes the behavior of the Spanish consumer at present, before the new habits of purchase through Internet and how e-commerce can influence these habits.

The second edition of the study of Webloyalty, “ Online Shoppers 2014 ″ presents for the first time to the sector fashion as the main category in the purchases online with a 47%, followed of trips and technology.

The profile of the Spanish consumer is quite digital, according to sample the study 84% of the Spanish buyers online accede to Internet of a habitual way, connecting several times to the day.

The analysis of the frequency of purchase online of the Spaniards, sample who 62% are buying habitual, that is to say, that five have bought online or more times in the last 6 months.
Whereas 38% are buying occasional, which has realised of one to four purchases in the same period of time.

The habits of purchase of the Spaniards through Internet position to Amazon, Ebay and Groupon as the used Webs more for the purchases online. 35% of the Spaniards consume in Amazon, a 29% in Ebay and a 17% in Groupon.

The variety of products, its more competitive prices and the simplicity of use of the pages are the main advantages that emphasize the usuary ones on these Webs.

The purchase experience online is very pleasing for the Spaniards, because 99% are satisfied with their experience online. And only 1% rest have had some negative experience and basically bad quality of the received product goes in the line of collection of expenses of high shipment and.
“ online Shoppers 2014 ” indicates that one of each four buyers online a little while dedicates special of the day to realise its purchases, preferably for the take-night when the finishing the day. The data expose that 21% have risen in some occasion to connect itself to a supply and 60% have delayed the purchase to hope to a special supply.

The PC continues being the favorite device by the consumers online to realise its purchases, although the movable devices play a quite important role, because 26% of the Spaniards use more of a device to realise its purchases online.

The reimbursement is at the moment a system little known between the buyers online, only 31% know it. But, although this system is not very popular, generates interest since 55% do not know it but when explaining they declare it to be interested. And 14% would be arranged to pay a monthly payment, to belong to a club of purchases online.

The study has been carried out at national level during the month of May of 2014 by Ipsos, company of investigation of markets. The data have obtained through surveys online to 1,500 individuals majors of 18 years that have realised one at least buys in Internet during last the six months.

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