Soon it could have iPhones and iPads with 128 GB of storage

Soon it could have iPhones and iPads with 128 GB of storage
The portable devices of Apple, as iPhone or iPad, soon could receive a configuration of 128 GB of internal storage. This news arises from information from firmware for the update from iOS 6.1.

According to the @iNeal developer for iOS, new firmware iOS 6,1 Beta 5 has an option of compatibility with storage flash of 128 GB. This affirmation can have sense if the development is considered that the iDevices of Appe have had through the years.

The site 9to5Mac refers that Apple lies down to increase the capacity in iPhone with each model “ S ” that has left to the market. iPhone 3GS raised of 16 GB 32 GB, and iPhone 4S doubled the storage of 32 GB to 64 GB. Therefore, new the iPhone, perhaps named “ iPhone 5S ”, it could be driven of 64 GB up to 128 GB.

On the other hand, the site 9to5Mac also received the report of which the present edition of iPad, that has Retina Display, could appear in a version of 128 GB before a new model of the tablet is sent. That data arose from sources that have information of the inventory that Apple will command next to the stores of sale to the public.

In agreement with the source, the price of iPad of fourth generation with 128 GB and Wi-Fi would be of 799 dollars, or 929 dollars for the Wi-Fi model and cellular connectivity.
Although most suitable and viable for Apple a new model of iPad could more ahead be to send this year with the option of 128 GB, the possibility that cannot be discarded the present device has a slight update that it attracts more clients.


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