Everything what you must know on the iPhone 6 to hours of his presentation

Everything what you must know on the iPhone 6 to hours of his presentation
The past 9 of September of this year all the doubts will be cleared, the rumors were back and is possible that one exists that another deception on the part of fans of Apple, after the presentation of the new model of its telephone ship standard.

Next tenth everything what you must know to you less than to a day of the event that will be celebrated in for Flint Center the Arts and will be able to be followed live through a transmission in streaming.
1 Two will be the sizes of the new terminal, one of 4,7 and another one of 5,5 inches. Greatest it will have sapphire screen, to do it more resistant.
The 2 measures of the one of 4,7 inches will be of 138mm x 66 mm x 6,9 mm, whereas the one of 5,5 is of 158mm x 78 mm x 7.1mmm.
3 the design will follow the same line, but his in this occasion the edges will be cleared.
4 the button of blockade will change of place, now it will be in the lateral part and not above as usually it were.
5 At least one of both models will have 1 GB of ram memory, although this has been criticized since their rivals have major capacity.
6 Integrará the system NFC (Near Field Communication), which will be used for a system of payments that still seems to be in project.
7 Utilizará the system iOS 8, which will have several applications of health.
8 it is thought that the price will be increased enough, some rumors handled the number of 100 dollars.
9 Apple will change the cable to load the energy, will be reversible, that is to say that both ends will have the same entrance, although in the last days it shelp that so far it will not happen by the cost and time.
10 This weekend was published a video in which the terminals in operation are seen already.

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