The best books on WordPress in Spanish

The best books on WordPress in Spanish
WordPress has become by own right in one of the CMS more used by the users of all the planet. Nowadays more of 20% of the blogs that exist in Internet they are realised on hosting WordPress. If something has obtained this platform is to approach the world of the creation Web all the users thanks to its simplicity of handling and their great amount of options.

In any case, if you are nascent, perhaps a help comes to you well. A look throws to them to some of best books on WordPress than you can enjoy in Spanish.

The great book of blogger

To say, right, not only it is a book on WordPress, but he is destined also to users of other platforms as Joomla or Tumblr. Of all ways, it is a very interesting publication and that still stays quite present. It is written by several authors and published by the Axel Springer publishing house.

It dominates WordPress: Practical manual

One of pleasant books simplest and to read on the fascinating world of WordPress and of the design Web. Throughout its 234 pages, Francisco J. Carazo Gil makes a route by the different aspects that the user must consider at the time of creating his own blog. A manual in all rule in which almost it is not nothing to indicate.

SEO for WordPress

In this case one is a book that speaks on one of the main preoccupations of many bloggers: the SEO. The book includes advice, tricks and recommended practices to construct to a good base SEO in our blog and power to appear thus on the front page of the finders and to improve our visibility online.

WordPress: A blog to speak to the world

If not yet you knew the power that has the blogs as communication tools, Yoani Sánchez, one of the blogueras more known the planet, remembers it to you in this book, small great the histories on WordPress and its life.

WordPress for Dummies

They surprise some to me of the opinions spilled on this book in marketplaces as Amazon. Some clients complain which he is very basic and too much focused users novate … to them Perhaps they have read the book but they haven't repaired in his title? Luis Llull and Rocío Valdivia make it clear, ‘ WordPress for Dummies ’, it is necessary to say more? The book is a help for that they are beginning in the world of blogging, for that even have difficulties to handle a computer.


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