The movable publicity is more effective in surroundings of professional publishing content

The movable publicity is more effective in surroundings of professional publishing content
A study realised by the global company of specialized technology in the development of advertising solutions Teads demonstrates that the announcements located in these surroundings improve the ratios of intention of purchase in front of those videos located in social surroundings or next to other videos of content generated by the users.

With the intention of to investigate on the perceptions and reactions of the users in front of different formats from video in diverse contexts, Teads has realised its investigation resorting to the visual monitoring (Eye Tracking) to realise an analysis of 115 individuals exhibited to different formats from advertising video in diverse webpages. These same individuals were interviewed in a later phase about their advertising perceptions.

The study sample that quality surroundings influence remarkably in the advertising experience and the results of effectiveness of the campaigns. The exposure time to the consumer increases to a 50% when acting the users of these pages of slow form more, the time of seen a 24% are increased and a greater visual impact and intention of purchase in front of the control group are reached.

“With the growth of the mobile, they have appeared a great amount of surroundings where to hit the consumers. For the advertisers he is key to identify which are the most effective surroundings at the time of interacting with their consumers” comments Bertrand Quesada, CEO of Teads. “The study sample that the surroundings where to locate the announcements a fundamental paper in the effectiveness and this sense plays, the pages with publishing content of quality continue being in a primary position”.


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