Google gives a return of intelligent nut to the e-mail with Inbox

Google gives a return of intelligent nut to the e-mail with Inbox
It is 10 years old on its backs and is one of the more popular services of e-mail of the world, but it seems that Gmail has remained irremediably “ old ”.

Full until the top of post office (invoices, updates of the social, “ reminding ” networks, etc.), the inbox of Gmail has become an authentic chaos as it advanced the new one was digital, mainly in irremediably the stressful movable world.

For that reason, and conscious of this chaotic reality, Google one has seted out to re-invent the classic one and “ muddied ” inbox and the result of the “ inventive one ” of the Internet giant is Inbox, baptized as “ the e-mail of the next generation ” by the company of Mountain View.

Inbox, the new creature of Google, is “ daughter ” of the same equipment that at the time it gave to light to Gmail. One is basically an inbox rejuvenated and thought so that the user can work essentially with her connecting to his smartphone.

Between the numerous functionalities of Inbox they emphasize the denominated groups or “ bundles ”, that allows the grouping of post office of same a thematic one, the outstanding or “ highlights ”, which they show the user the most important part of its e-mails (telephone numbers, images, state of the flights, etc.), and the reminders or “ reminders ”, that also integrates the reminders of Google Now and gives to the user the option to add their own reminders in an outstanding position in their inbox.

Other outstanding functionalities of Inbox are the help or “ assists ”, that simplifies to the accomplishment of tie tasks to the use of the e-mail (if the user writes, for example, a reminder to call to a commercial establishment, Inbox makes its available the phone number of the store and its schedule of opening), and the service to postpone or “ snooze ”, that plans the messages or reminders so that they return to the inbox when more good it comes to him to the user.

At first, Inbox will be only available for Android telephones and iOS, although the users of Chrome navigator in PC or Mac also will be able to accede to this service.
Although he uses the account of Gmail of the user as he bases, Inbox works independently, reason why the user will be able to alternate the use of both tools.

If he wants to prove Inbox, he will need invitation to accede to this new functionality. The new users of Inbox receive more invitations to share them with their known friendly and. Anyway, it is possible to send a mail to [email protected] so that Google includes to us on the waiting list while we have more invitations.

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