TheMotion revolutionizes the world-wide market of the video advertising

TheMotion revolutionizes the world-wide market of the video advertising
TheMotion breaks with the limitations as far as time and costs in the production of announcements in video and allows the companies to remove the maximum party to its campaigns online.

The company, founded on Madrid and with offices on Tel Aviv and New York, has designed a platform able to create a video-ads inventory, using as it bases the contained data on his digital product catalogue. Or an article to dress, a floor in rent or a mobile phone, the platform of TheMotion will automatically create the number of announcements in video that is desired, customized and available in multiple languages and formats. These will show the main qualities of each product (price, size, availability, color …).

Thus, TheMotion allows any company that has a product catalogue online to increase the sales through campaigns of acquisition in format video, in all the channels (Facebook, YouTube, Doubleclick, Instagram, platforms of Retargeting …). The company, on a group of 40 employees, already has several clients of the sector e-commerce and companies of classified enjoying the service. In addition, it is completing new campaigns with brands of first level, which will allow to have a global impact with its solution as of September.

Iñigo Vega de Seoane, CEO of TheMotion, comment: “ our mission is to revolutionize the industry of the video-advertising, constructing an open platform that helps our unique clients to create video-ads from any product data, and helping them to let grow its businesses of fast and simple form ”.


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