Computer science solutions for small businesses

Computer science solutions for small businesses
The computers offer to the small businesses solutions to their more urgent needs, including financial management, purchases, control of inventory and challenges of communication.

The computer science solutions for small businesses can require of an important investment for the new companies; the key for the purchase of an efficient computer is to balance the capacities of the computers with the real needs of your company. To include the range of computer science solutions available for the businesses can help to construct the ideal infrastructure you for your company.


The servant architecture/workstation is a traditional configuration for the companies of any size. This solution saves time and money to the small businesses in comparison with the purchase of computers of great power for all the employees. Most of the cost and the time concentrate around one or more servers than lodge the vital information and the software used by the employees of all the company. The workstations are terminal simple and economic that connect the servers and they are based on the processing power and in the information they need the users to carry out his tasks.


The portable computers have surpassed in popularity to the desktop computers between the proprietors of small businesses. The portable ones can be taken to any place, which allows the businessmen to anywhere work and anywhere in the world instead of to have to be in the office to carry out its work. The portable computers can connect themselves to Internet through joining points WiFi, reason why it is possible that the portable computers connect themselves to the servers lodged by the company to take the architecture from servant/workstation at the following level.


The computation in the cloud has acquired a significant impulse at the beginning of century 21 as a robust solution of businesses and consumers that diminishes the cost and required time to realise productive activities. Using the architecture of computation in the cloud, the software companies provide with accomodations products through Internet instead of to sell them for the installation in personal equipment. This allows the proprietors of small businesses that accede to software and vital information, such as programs of accounting, software of CRM and data bases of products, from any place of the world without having to store software in a portable one or to connect themselves to the servers of the company. The computation in the cloud also simplifies to the interchange of documents and information between the employees of an organization, independent of its location.


The smartphones and tablets arrived at the beginning of the year 2000, opening a world of new solutions of business software and changing the form in which the proprietors of small businesses operate and they communicate. The smartphones and the tablets can make any thing that a portable computer can do, as running the software of productivity of businesses, connection to software of computation in the cloud in line and making video chats with several colleagues in different countries at the same time. The software developers continue creating new applications for the smartphones, that more are focused in the niche and easier to use than the traditional applications of businesses. The applications exist to monitor possessions of investments, to in line realise activities of bank, pursuit of the information of the supply chain, to review the accounting reports and practically any other important activity that it is possible to be realised in line.


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