Nobody escapes of the influence of Internet, mainly the companies

Nobody escapes of the influence of Internet, mainly the companies
Internet is not a sector more, is an incredible transforming phenomenon of the rest of the sectors.
The SME or commerce that does not include a communication plan online, runs the risk of being outside its sector.

Internet is a fundamental Channel for the improvement of the communication of the companies, since it would suppose an increase of the sales decreased at time of crisis.

According to STM Marketing Online, consultant specialized in market studies and tendencies of businesses, the data are full, “ Nobody escapes of the influence of Internet ”.

A report of the impact of Internet on the Spanish economy, has stood out that with data of the 2011, the direct contribution of Internet to the Spanish GDP surpassed the 27,600 million Euros.

Internet is not in crisis

The associated consumption to Internet has grown an annual 9% according to sources of the STM consultant Marketing Online and assures that more than 100,000 uses in Spain they have his origin in Internet, a tool that the companies emphasize to allow their geographic expansion them, an effective, much more measurable marketing and that allows a greater interaction them with the clients.

According to the data collected by STM Marketing Online, in Spain they have been realised but of 36 million of operations online and the data on the falls in the retail commerce one is due to that a part of the same has been going to stop to the electronic commerce.

According to STM Marketing Online the Spanish SME “ has lived with much comfort ” due to the economic growth during 14 years and now challenge lives a little while on double because all business must also consider its own model of business considering the present crisis of demand but the influence of Internet, that causes an improvement of the sales with respect to the traditional sales.

But still the companies have the pending subject to fulfill some minimum basic to be able to realise marketing online with success guarantees, and as very significant data, 95% of the SMEs and micro-enterprises do not have their Webs formed for a good visibility in Internet, think the consultants of STM Marketing Online.

The Secretariat of State of Commerce is outstanding that is the own companies those that indicate that the most important deficiency is the difficulty in finding professional nationals specialized in advising for the digitalization of the companies.


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