According to the analysts, it is probable that the iPhone 6 is in the stores at the end of September

According to the analysts, it is probable that the iPhone 6 is in the stores at the end of September
Being based on the predictions of Apple for the present trimester, the analyst Gene Munster deduces that the new model of iPhone will be available around the last week of September. Munster indicates that while more soon sends the product, majors will be the percentage of sales that Apple will be able to apply to its financial results corresponding to the trimester of September.

Only some ago days, Apple informed of the prediction into a wonderful financial health for the third trimester with some benefits into 7,750 million dollars. In addition, the sales of iPhone for that period were quantified in 35,2 million units, a number near the forecasts of the analysts, who waited for 35.9 million units. Considering the predictions of income of Apple for the present trimester, Munster considers some sales of 38 million of iPhones from July to September. But supposing the launching of the iPhone 6 at the end of September, the analyst less than bases in 16 million units sale with respect to a possible previous launching.

According to the forecasts of Munster, a delayed launching of new the iPhone would be translated in less sold units, which would affect to the trimester corresponding to September. This could explain partly why Apple thinks that the smaller total revenues will be quarterly east in function to which the analysts had advance.

Considering a note of the investors spread, Munster thinks that “ a launching for the last Friday of September (26/9) against our initial thought of a launching is suggested 19/9 ″. According to the analyst, “ this means that Apple only will benefit from 5 days sales of the iPhone 6 against the 12 day of our previous expectation ”.

Munster also shelp that it thinks that so rumored iPhone of 5.5 inches it will affect to the sales of the iPad Mini, which does not seem to matter to him to Apple, because the company would continue obtaining 1.2 billions of dollars in total sales. On the other hand, Munster hopes that Apple introduces iWatch next and a possible platform of movable payments. Nevertheless, it admits that their expectations on a television set of Apple are falling and that now more as a product sees it in the long term.


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