Mega, of Kim DotCom already has more traffic than iCloud and it almost approaches Dropbox

Mega, of Kim DotCom already has more traffic than iCloud and it almost approaches Dropbox
Mega continues catching usuary in spite of its problems of security: the last data of the traffic indicate that, if we phelp attention to the views towards the official Webs, the service of Kim Dotcom has exceeded by far the amount of visits of iCloud and approaches the traffic levels that have Dropbox. They are very good numbers for Mega, although it is necessary to go something further on to analyze better these visits.

Mega has raised exponentially until 0.6% of global quota of users (that is to say, 6 of each 1000 internauts have entered the Web of Mega). The only form to use Mega right now is entering via Web, whereas Dropbox and iCloud are services that are used with a direct integration in the operating systems. That is: the navigators who use Mega must happen yes or yes through the Web, whereas a user of Dropbox can do it of even unconscious form unblocking his telephone. The same happens with iCloud.

For that reason, although he is unquestionable that the traffic of Mega (60 ascents of file every second) is very enviable and would have to worry to the rivals, is necessary to go warily. We hope to that Kim sends the official applications of Mega for iOS and Android, we hope to that the service has more functionalities so that stops being a simple folder in the cloud, and then we measure the traffic along with the amount of unloadings of those applications along with other metric ones. It will be then when all we will be able to see if Mega has made the notch in the market that wants to do.

Not in vain, a thing yes is certain: the traffic to the Webs of Dropbox and iCloud has descended slightly agreeing with the launching from Mega. Of there to that it speaks of preoccupation for those and the rest of competitors.


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