The sales by Internet continue growing

The sales by Internet continue growing
According to an investigation of markets of MediaCom, the sales by Internet in Argentina almost increased to a 50 percent the past year.

In addition, the specify study that changes in the consumption habits have taken place.
The study, based on data provided by the Camera Argentina de Electronic Comercio (IT HUNTS), details that the sales by Internet in 2013 invoiced 24,800 million weights (about 3,000 million dollars).

According to IT HUNTS, this represents a inter-annual growth of the 48 percent with respect to 2012. “ the increase of this modality of purchase is tied so much to the improvement in the cover of the availability of the network, as in the variety of devices from which it is possible to be acceded generally to the sites of electronic commerce and entrances in particular ”, it says the analysis of the Camera.

With respect to what it buys people in Internet, according to MediaCom, “ when amassing itself the use of movable devices that allow to be connected all along and in any place, the habits of consumption in the population have modified ”.

Some interesting data:

- 76% buy by Internet entered for some spectacle or event.

- 62% are men and 38% are mujere.

- 59% of which they buy entrances via Internet have between 25 and 34 years.
Factors nail that they motivate to buy online: the comfort, the rapidity and the practicidad

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