Instagram will be able to sell your photos without paying exemptions to you You will continue It using?

Instagram will be able to sell your photos without paying exemptions to you You will continue It using?
In a measurement that is bringing about the wrath of the cybernauts, the popular social network of Instagram photographies realised a change in its conditions on watch who will allow him to commercialize the images caught by their users, without needing compensating them.

The fact was denounced by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), organization of defense of the digital rights, after which Instagram realised modifications to its policies this Monday, which will take use from the 16 from next January.

Under the new terms, Facebook, first company of Instagram, eliminated the term of “ license limited ” with respect to the photographies of its users, changing it by the terms “ transferable ” and “ sub-licenciable ”, which allows to grant right of use to other companies or organizations to him.

In the same way, another paragraph establishes that Facebook will have right to that “ a company or another organization photographies pay to show your [...] to us [...] in relation to phelp or promotional contents, without needing compensating to you ”, explains CNet News.

Thus, a hotel could buy to Facebook for its promotions, the photos that the users of Instagram took from him. In the same way, if a father publishes in Instagram images of his children playing, Facebook could sell it to companies of toys.

In order to end, the new terms on watch grant these rights to perpetuity, and to even close the account of Instagram - if it becomes after the 16 of January does not revoke the authorization to commercialize the taken photos since then.

“ (Instagram) it is asking to him people to be in agreement with a commercial future for his photos that they have not specified. It turns out complicated to make a decision informed under those terms ”, indicated the senior lawyer of the EFF, Kurt Opsahl.

“ you are not our client, are the cattle that we took to the market and we auctioned it to the best bidder. It enjoys your food and it continues producing milk ”, it was the metaphor that used the author and developer of software, Reginald Braithwaite.

In resistance, sites as Picasa and Google+ or of Google, or Flickr de Yahoo, specify that the photographies of the users will only be able to be used within the same site, and “ only for the intention for which they were sent ”.

Source: BioBio Chile.

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