Atari re-invents and will produce #hardware in the future

Atari re-invents and will produce #hardware in the future
Hasn't Atari, the mythical company of video-games, thrown the towel after the bankruptcy that devastated its offices in January of 2013, and glides to return in the future to the business, but… there are reasons for such optimism?

CEO of Atari, Frederic Chesnais, has granted interview to means digital GamesBeat, in that it speaks long and lain down on the process of recovery of three years that the courts granted to the company, and on the measures that they have adopted so that Atari returns to resonate with force in the world of the video-game.

“Today, we have a company that is outside the bankruptcy, and we are ten people working under the model of study production. Loans attention to three things; the IP, the production and the distribution”.

In addition, Chesnais affirmed that it considered his company as a hardware company and not only of software. Obvious, after these words, he was forced to question to him on the plans of a future video game console, something nothing preposterous considering the trajectory of the company and the height of the Android consoles.

“I am not speaking about a new console, but of, for example, a clock. A gamificado clock. It is not what we are going to do, but thinks about something similar”.

We do not know if the historical brand will someday return to be what was, but we cannot deny that they are fighting with all forces to re-invent themselves and to appear again.

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