The e-mail continues being the information channel preferred between the executives

The e-mail continues being the information channel preferred between the executives
The e-mail still has a great weight as communication channel for the companies. One is the most effective channel with the brand, and the one that counts on the approval on the part of the users.

According to the survey published by Quartz, 56% of the executives emphasize newsletters as the channel whose value as source of intelligence is placed superficially as much of the portals of the news of the sector, generalist (55%) and even the own social networks.

80% of these executives resort to the e-mail to share content. A rate that almost duplicate to the number of companies that bet by Twitter (43%), and surpasses widely to other social platforms, as it is the case of LinkedIn (30%).

In order to share this content, the movable devices more and more constitute a used tool. 90% of the survey ones admit that it resorts for it to his movable devices (smartphones and tablets). At the time of consuming information, 41% of these users decide on its smartphone, whereas 20% prefer his tablet, whereas 16% only resort to its computer.

Peculiarly, although the movable device predominates as access road to the content online, the rate of memory of the publicity in this means is noticeably inferior to the registered one by the computer users (42% versus 58%). Also, these users did not show a significant interest in interacting with this type of announcements in their movable device.

The e-mail is placed as his first source of intelligence, whereas 43% resort to the movable Web. 60% recognize that it is subscribed to some online mean, or are periodic magazines or. Average that usually is gratuitous, since 37% of the survey ones only were arranged to pay by the digital information. In any case, the valued qualities more than must have set information are the access to exclusive information, the high quality of the content and the reputation of means.

These users also demand content name brand. 86% showed its interest in discovering and consuming this type of information at general level, whereas 55% demand specifically information related to its sector. The subjects of greater interest are the information and studies on this area (68%), as well as on new features and launching of products (58%).

Decidedly, the users demand content adapted to their interests, with different purposes, as much in the case of the consumers as executives. The content name brand constitutes a useful route to give to know products and services of a brand, and to increase its recognition; being the e-mail an effective channel to transmit this valuable information.


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