HTC One: Android with the best one finished of the market

HTC One: Android with the best one finished of the market
HTC One: Android with the best one finished of the market
HTC One: Android with the best one finished of the market
HTC One: Android with the best one finished of the market
Android has become a world-wide success partly by its capacity to attract a public who does not worry about the aesthetic one about the telephone. He is not stranger who many of the mobiles have been a horror during the last average decade. but, suddenly, we did not find with an incredible object of great beauty: HTC One.

Google never tried to take the beauty to the movable telephony, only looked for to create an operating system able to make all the things that an iPhone does. What mattered is that had a great touch screen and could make the things that are expected of smartphone, as acceding to the mail or sailing by the Web. It published

The opened nature of software made to Android advance between the community of enthusiastic users, with own desire to create its ROMs or trastear with the different options and functions but, while, hardware was suspended. The each new Android was just as the previous one. In the sense of “ we are not going to refine this design ” but in the one of “ I do not have desire to bother to me, we make this red line and point ”.

All the telephones are rectangles with a crystal frontal, clearly, but Android, unlike some of its rivals, never had the smaller interest or the ambition of being more than that.

So during the last average decade which we have been in the market has been worthy of the Jetsons: Black blocks, Errors of nascent, Designs that are as a joke, Models which they could be confused with a PC designed by Alienware, etc.

Even the Almighty Galaxy S4, with a interior of luxury, perishes a plastic telephone incredibly similar to its predecessor.

But soon we have HTC One.

It is not an anonymous black rectangle nor a plastic table cheap. It is not surrounded in some type of Kevlar that in the end gives an aspect him of toy left the G.I collection. Joe. It is made in aluminum, with an incredible retail attention and a grace and beauty in his industrial design that remembers to the one of the iPhone 5.

There are innumerable details and practically all - saving perhaps the logo of Beats- they are precious.

That dot matrix for the loudspeaker underneath the screen seems left the manual of style of Dieter Rams or Jonny Ive. It is partly an ornamental abstraction, a functional element when you are in a call in free hands and partly an element that gives to the certain telephone own personality him. It has enchantment, and when we looked every day at something of our life the minimum that can be asked is that it gives back the glance to us with something of warmth.

The frontal and back design of the One is as friendly as Android is stubborn, cold and alienante. But at the same time it shines as a sophisticated and powerful machine without sign of that DNA of plastic toy of Fisher Price who sees itself in many of its competitors.

We could even say that it is more interesting than the telephone of Apple. Or worse, but better able not to be moderate with him without needing resorting to a copy of elements or design. It dazzles with its own beauty and without borrowing to anybody.

This is not an excuse for the layer of propietary software and motley of HTC. It does not add anything that allows to escape of that “ hazlo-your-same ” air of many of the ROMs of third parties developer.

But it can at least plot a new course that allows to save to Android of that “ telephone that purchases because he is cheap or even free in contract ” or because “ you want to trastear with in forms that Apple never would leave you ”. It can end up making of Android (and not only Android expensive) software that you put in a beautiful aluminum body, with a smooth curve.

It can end up making of the attractive Android telephones the rule, not it exception every five years. And most important, it can end up causing that at the time of choosing Android not only they weigh ace rational reasons and logics, but also the emotional ones.

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