7 Tendencies for the businesses in the 2016

7 Tendencies for the businesses in the 2016
The companies cannot create their strategies of business without considering the users of Internet, the increase of connected devices to Internet ascends to 13,400 million, that are equivalent to more of twice the world-wide population, counts the study of “ the Internet of the Things: Consumption, Industry and Services Public ” made by Juniper Research. For the 2016 we have compiled the following tendencies for the businesses.

1. Big Data: For the technological company Algar Tech, hopes that the companies look for innovation; since with the present world-wide economic scene, where many countries are in crisis, Big Data is a perfect opportunity through great volume of data of clients, suppliers and competitors, to know them better and through the different indicators to analyze all behaviors and power to optimize the business.

2. Personalisation: The customized content will be the base to draw attention of our objective hearing, to captivate it and to obtain its interaction with the brand. A survey of Aberdeen Group indicates that 67% of the marketing professionals have glided to design content that gives answer to the needs of the hearing so it is time to think still more about the hearing, to learn to listen to it and to generate storytelling much more customized, to be able to satisfy the tastes, preferences and needs.

3. Costumer Experience: By the high competitiveness it is difficult to find a value differential in the market, to invest in innovation through technologies is not something optional for all, only serves to survive. He is by this, that is important and indispensable to establish a relation long play with the clients, constructing a unique experience for them. Nevertheless, the challenge is to take it to the network, how we managed to give a great and only service him through this means.

4. E-commerce: The digital commerce grows of exponential form for several years and is beginning to consolidate with mature stores. It is a great opportunity to begin that business with a low investment, as for others it is time to improve times of logistic shipment and.

5. M-commerce: The generation millenials lives immersed in the movable world and everything what happens around to his happens in this device. This technology is changing it everything and does possible that Internet arrives at any part of the world, reason why is a good moment for adapting your store online to this platform.

6. Omnichannel: The same experience of purchase, independent of the channel that is used, that is the Omnichannel, integration between online and offline. The one is the client that decides why channel communicates and realises its purchase, being able to accede to same the services and the same attention by anyone of them. The common thing until now was that the physical stores opened a store online, but now the inverse movement is taking place: great stores online open their own physical stores.

7. Social coin: To obtain a product or service in exchange for a “ post ” in social networks will be something that will expand in 2016. “ the brands are interested in this because in the points of sale the product will try on and will extend by the friendly that you have. For the brands he is very varioso ”, says Jorge Alor, of BNN.

The digital tools allow to realise studies with greater data base more powerful and to compile insights. It is time to put itself when as much to the tendencies that happen and not being late.

Sources: www.expansion.com

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