Best apps of cinema for iPhone and Android

Best apps of cinema for iPhone and Android
Best apps of cinema for iPhone and Android
Best apps of cinema for iPhone and Android
Best apps of cinema for iPhone and Android
Thanks to so necessary activities for the sector as the Celebration of the cinema, people begin to return to the rooms. For this reason, as much for these possible spectators as for the majors become fond of to the seventh art, we showed best apps of cinema for your your mobile iOS and Android.


Among all the possible entertainments, the cinema is that more presence is in our country (after the sport and the gastronomy by all means), best reason than more sufficient to show apps of cinema for your your mobile iOS and Android.

First of these applications it is IMDb, the greater site of information on films, TV and celebrities of the network.

App IMDb allows to find any type of films in billboard, to see trailers and galleries, to consult cards of films, to know the programming TV, last the openings in Bluray and DVD, to explore popularity lists, to share information, etc…

All this from the comfort of your mobile, which turns to IMDb into the best application of cinema for smartphones.

IMDb unloading for Android

IMDb unloading for iPhone.


My Movies for iPhone is most similar to take your own videoclub in the pocket.

One of the best applications of easier and more comfortable cinema for iOS and Android that become the fastest way, to maintain a complete pursuit of your collection of films.

By means of the enormous data base of films of high quality (more than 800,000 titles in DVD and Bluray), the access to a great amount of details of the titles of your collection of films is obtained, including trailers, posters and much more.

You can easily add new titles to your collection by means of his field search or using the barcode reader of the camera.

My Movies for iPhone and Android mobiles is limited, but the version Pro se has tried and validated with a maximum of 5,000 titles and in their collection data of more lodge than 800,000 DVD, Blu-Ray and titles of different regions.

Unloading My Movies for Android

Unloading My Movies for iPhone


TodoMovies 3 is the best way to manage and to discover new films through telephone of Apple iOS.

With a truly showy interface, with the great protagonism of the posters of the films to consult and unique characteristics as indicators of scenes of advantage, profiles of the list, notifications of opening, or an incorporated reader of the news of the world of the cinema. Todomovies 3 becomes by own right in one of the best applications of cinema for iOS.

You can examine the different films by sorts, cinemas and date of opening. In addition, it has a service of notifications that when warns automatically a specific film is worn for the first time in the cinemas.

By all means, the application also counts on numerous graphical material as trailers and photographies, in addition to the classic options to share in social networks.

Unloading Todomovies 3 for iPhone


What would be any application of cinema that boasts without the trailers?

This application, one of the best ones of cinema for iOS, is specialized exclusively in this means of cinematographic promotion.

It combines with great success the information of openings and trailers of great quality of films of 10 different European countries. But in addition it includes interviews from the red carpet and clips of “Making In off” of the majors cinema launchings.

Filmtrailer also facilitates to create listings of videos by categories and the capacity to make your own list of favorites.

As extra, the application allows to unload all the clips to see them when connection to Internet is not had.

Filmtrailer unloading for iPhone


What you know of… the cinema” it is an application for iOS that allows us to find out our level of hardened film fan.

This game is a trivial one divided in different ways, apt for all type of public. Between these ways they are more than 300 films, advertising characters, posters and sound tracks.

The game consists of guessing which is the film of which is spoken, or through tracks, images or even its sound track.

Everything a challenge for the self-proclaimed experts in cinema.

Unloading What you know of… the cinema? for iPhone

The alternative for Android is app “What you know of cinema? ”, another game Trivial type in whom you will have to guess to what film corresponds the image that is in screen.

The application counts on a data base of hundreds of films and multiple levels of difficulty.

Unloading What you know of cinema? for Android


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