4 rumors to confirm itself of Nexus 6 of Google before its launching

4 rumors to confirm itself of Nexus 6 of Google before its launching
Today the first images of how filtered smartphone of Google will shine, in addition the company also presented three announcements in which seems to promote, somehow, their new launchings: Android L, Nexus 9 and, by its position, Nexus 6. Although not yet the official date in that is known they will occur to know these innovations, the rumors aim at that it will be to end of month.

Before the little information that exists, the speculations have not been made hope as far as Nexus 6, smartphone of Google that although does not generate the same expectation that an iPhone the users are to the slope of the new features, so far, next some data appear exceeds what a little certainty is had.

1. The manufacturer
He says himself that the manufacturer of Nexus 6 will not be LG, as in the present version, nor HTC, that is occupied with supposed Nexus 9, but Motorola. Considering that Motorola Mobility has been, until he does very little, property of Google it does not seem that he is going to have discrepancies with the name, although always fits the possibility of finding a Nexus us X instead of a Nexus 6.

2. The size
Some users speculate that according to the diagonal of the telephone, and in spite of the extraordinary screen, Nexus 6 will be smaller than the iPhone 6. Also, some sources speak of which Google would send two terminals with different sizes, but is a very weak rumor as granting credibility to him.

3. Hardware for one phablet
Nexus 6 must be more excellent in the matter of hardware than Motorcycle X, although the manufacturer is the same. The size of screen aims at phablet, and phablets has been first in adopting resolutions QHD, reason why he is quite safe to affirm that the screen of Nexus 6 will reach 1.440p. The few filtrations on the guts of the device speak of a screen with 496ppp.

4. The launching
Nexus 5 announced 31 of October, reason why it hopes that this year also the presentation of the new device of Google occurs now. It is possible to mention that, until now, the terminals of range have been available the day after their launching.

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