Google News could close in Spain

Google News could close in Spain
Google has announced that is prepared to close the service Google News in Spain if the Law of Propiedad Intelectual (LPI) is approved tomorrow in the Senate. This Law, that will force to pay to publishers by the contents of the Webs that connect, would take passage to the first democratic country of the world in which the company decides to close this service.

For some weeks, Richard Gingras, world-wide person in charge of Google News, and Madhav Chinnappa, international commercial head, met in Madrid along with the high representatives of
Spanish administration. In this visit diverse subjects treated, between which the freedom stands out to connect public content free.

Nevertheless, it did not seem to arrive at any type in agreement after the encounter. This Law will enter soon in force, emphasizing the established thing in article 32,2, where it is indicated that, there will be a cannot be waived payment of a canon on the part of the aggregators of the news to the publishers of contents as compensation by the use of the same. This denominated ‘ Google rate ‘, since it is the first aggregator of the market, or canon AEDE, impelling association of this article that includes the means publishers.

Apparently, Spain is not the first country where Google has this kind of problems, but is certain that in no case it was gotten to approve a Law that determined this canon. Still are the no official news of the closing of ‘ Google News, but of the great loss of traffic that this would suppose. And it is that the digital editions of newspapers would obtain a fall in their income that the digital publicity generates.

On the other hand, and to the margin of the economic damage that seems will be created with this approval, as much Google as other aggregators of the news complains the risks of the freedom of information that entails the fact to restrict the connection in Internet. This way, the loss of the real sense of Internet is caused.

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