It knows first smartphone that yes projects holograms 3D

It knows first smartphone that yes projects holograms 3D
Amazon, the LG Optimus 3D and HTC EVO 3D have promised to break with smartphones traditional and to jump to the three-dimensional technology of futurist way as it sees in the films of science and fiction, nevertheless, now is a reality, because the Chinese company Shenzhen Estar Displaytech developed a holographic technology that allows to project images 3D.

Takee is smartphone of 5,5 inches that at first seems a common smartphone, nevertheless innovating his display allows him to reproduce images 3D that seem to float outside the cellular one, therefore it presented it the China Daily newspaper.

Smartphone is equipped with four screens and a sensor that the glance of the user will follow, which would regulate the effect 3D of the images. With this technology it is tried that the video-games, the maps, the telephone calls, the purchases online, among others functions can maintain a better unfolding.

The video that follows is the one that was used for its launching, in him explains the operation of the holograms of smartphone.

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