How to choose the best programmatic supplier

How to choose the best programmatic supplier
How to choose the best programmatic supplier
How to choose the best programmatic supplier
If you are whereas clause for the first time the programmatic purchase, or their application more in their strategies of marketing, it will not need suppliers that offer programmatic services to him. The best form to plan its entrance is to make specific questions exceeds how programmatic marketing can benefit its organization and harness the objectives of its company. Several questions exist to consider, for that reason this chapter is divided in four main categories that will help him to choose the partner adapted for their business.

The capacity to catch the totality of the trajectory of the client (to customer journey)

The new trajectory of the client is more and more digital, takes place in a set of devices and meeting points that constitute a newness for many professionals of marketing. Nevertheless, the technology is facilitating the measurement and the commercialization during this trajectory. The markets in real time offer massive volumes of inventory for display, rich average, movable video, devices, social tablets and means, so that you can execute programmatic campaigns in several scale channels. The channel silos do not have sense in this was programmatic and to dictate how much it is due to spend in each channel, independent of the results, prevents the yield of the investment of the campaign.

Their clients do not adhere to an only channel and its publicity would not have either to do it. The programmatic platforms omni-channel have the added advantage “to standardize” the different data, so that you can determine the best allocation of the cost by channel.

The activation of its data through all the means plan

Programmatic marketing has been developed from its origins in residual inventory that was sold on a base of impression by impression. Nowadays, the private interchanges grant to the brands, approved previously, the right to bid up by sections selections of the premium inventory of publisher. In addition, the programmatic purchase now includes the incorporation of the algorithmic decision making for the guaranteed “direct” transactions.

Many publishers premium are adopting the programmatic purchase as a form to mint the inventory without selling, so that you can find a safe inventory for the brand in adexchanges in open. The platforms would have to offer segmentations to the buyer that allow him to define the quality and to only buy inventory that corresponds with its criteria.

In certain way, the programmatic purchase contributes complexity to the ecosystem, but the basic aspects of the publicity continue being the same: to reach and to catch the consumers of significant and excellent ways. All the types of purchase of advertising spaces offer unique benefits, but one of the advantages to do it everything in the same surroundings is that their data are more equipment when they are grouped. His programmatic partner must have capacity to execute not only his purchases in adexchanges in opened, but also their purchases of private and guaranteed interchange.

The transparency

Purchase programmatic offers promise of transparency but, unless it knows what must ask, does not have the guarantee from which it is going it to obtain. The transparency is divided in four types:

- Transparency of the prices: it obtains a clear knowledge of the prices and amounts what they buy his suppliers (impressions, data, etc.). Then it will be able to determine what percentage of its budget happens to be costs of distribution of its contents in means.

- Transparency of the tactics: it knows what tactical of campaign, such as retargeting (to direct the publicity to users who have visited a page without completing a wished process: registry, buys, request, etc.) or the prospection, consumes the cost, generates a good yield and offers a continuous progression. The professionals of marketing not only would have to know that its campaign is obtaining results, but why it is obtaining them.

- Transparency of the management: it asks for confirmation of which the parameters and the segmentation of the campaign are being fulfilled requisite on. The true programmatic platforms will present an user interface that can show.

- Transparency of means: it finds out where their digital announcements are published and to whom it attracts with them. It asks for to his supplier the presentation of information, the totality of the domain or concerning sites, that include counts of impressions, click and action.

A good supplier will offer all this to him.

The search of expert programmatic knowledge

A recent study of IAB Europe revealed that 25% of the European professionals of marketing still do not know programmatic marketing. It is evident that it is necessary to extend the formation of the market in this field and, for that reason, frequently trusts the technology suppliers so that trustworthy experts and advisers act as.

At the time of evaluating to the suppliers, it selects a partner who count on the technical attendance, the formation and the service that you need to achieve the success. It would not have to forget the importance of counting on local technical attendance (in its hour zone). This is especially important for those professionals of marketing who wish to implant the programmatic purchase at internal level. If it wishes to happen of a managed service to a supermarket model, it asks for information to his partner on the formation that offers.

The necessity to innovate

Programmatic marketing as soon as it has ten years of life already and has undergone spectacular changes. In an industry of so fast development as this, the brands and the suppliers can collaborate to create unique solutions that drive the advance of all the sector. One is not simply what is what the partners can do today, but of what can construct tomorrow. As final verification, make sure that his technological partner invests in the future. It can even ask to him how much it promotes his cost in R+D.

It looks for integrated programmatic platforms that they are executed in the totality of the diverse channels, formats of announcements, devices and modalities of purchase. An suitable technological association can transform its business radically. Good luck!


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