Apple would be designing its own intelligent clock

Apple would be designing its own intelligent clock
At the moment it is only a rumor that to confirm abriria the doors to another segment of market for the company of the great apple.

The users more and more, look for the connectivity between devices, for example the iPod nano stops being somewhat attractive by not being able to connect itself with a tablet or a telephone via Bluetooth, this would be one of the characteristics that the clock would have.

At the moment in the market already there are several brands, that although they do not have very positioned his product, saw for months the opportunity enter a market until now little explored; that is the case of Sony that has a new called supply the intelligent Clock, and we cannot forget how Pebble operated Kickstarter with his e-paper intelligent clock that connects to devices iOS and Android.

Within the characteristics that it would have the device, would be the possibility of connecting via Bluetooth with other devices iOS, would have technology done of the hand with Intel and a screen of 1.5 inches PMOLED done by RiTDisplay with glass covered with ITO.

Although this it would not be a product of high demand, since more it would be directed to a type of geek or more technological user, is clear to write down that within the segment possibilities exist of having an ample possibility of acceptance.

Source: SocialGeek

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