You have printer 3D? Nokia teaches to you how to make housings for the Lumia 820

You have printer 3D? Nokia teaches to you how to make housings for the Lumia 820
The size of the ecosystem of accessories for the mobile phone is enormous. Covers of all the types, sizes, colors and materials fight to become a hollow around ours smartphone. The certain thing is that there is where to choose and now Nokia presents a quite original idea.

As some already you know, the Lumia 820 offers the possibility of interchanging the back housing of very simple form. , If you are thinking about doing one, the Finns put it well to you easy so that you become customized … if you have a printer 3D.

With this so peculiar initiative, Nokia puts more in one of the tendencies de futuro commented: the three-dimensional impression. With the name of 3D Printing Development Kit, or 3DK for the friendly, they have published the models with all the pieces, separately, of the back part.

If we threw the view back, we see that this is not the first time that Nokia proposes to us to personalize its mobiles with this philosophy of háztelo you yourself. Already in 2004, without going more far, it allowed us in Nokia 3220 to print in paper our designs and to place them at the rear.

In only 9 nine years we have happened of that to that we can create them with a printer 3D. It is certain that at the moment one is gadget of niche but that every time takes more step to become a method of reproduction of all type of objects.

A quite peculiar fact that there will be to follow close by according to evolves the printers 3D. Not as much by the case of Nokia, that it seems to me praiseworthy, but in case it will finish being tendency for another manufacturer if finally these devices finish being reasonable or they consolidate as equipment more at home.

In any case, if you have elements both, Nokia has published next to the archives a little documentation where they give some advice us at the time of creating our housings.


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