Woman rejects computer of collection created by Steve Jobs.

Woman rejects computer of collection created by Steve Jobs.
Apple 1 was left in a recicladora company, that it looks for the woman to pay 100 thousand dollars to him

LOS ANGELES, THE UNITED STATES (01/JUNIO/2015). - A woman who rejected a computer of collection in a recycling center is looked for now to receive 100 thousand dollars, announced the recicladora company today.

The resident woman of the north of California, whose identity is not known and it did not leave any telephone, rejected the computer Apple 1 that was one of the 200 created in 1976 as part of one first generation.

These rare computers, first desktop in history, were created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and were sold at the time by 666,66 dollars, explained the company in an official notice.

The company Clean Bay, of the area of the bay, initiated the location of the woman who apparently after the death of her husband some ago weeks decided to come off herself material that she had in his personal warehouse.

In agreement with the company, the woman went a month ago to the facilities of recycling in Milpitas, in Silicon Valley, where she left two boxes with material of computers and in this was Apple 1.

She indicated herself that the recicladora company already sold the computer to a deprived collector by whom obtained 200 thousand dollars and now it hopes to give half to the peculiar and absent-minded woman.

One thinks that of the 200 computers that were created by Jobs around 50 still they exist, but the majority of them no longer is in operation.

In 2013 a rare model that still worked of Apple 1 was sold by more than 671 thousand dollars in an auction in Germany and another one was sold in 2012 by 375 thousand dollars.

The prices of these computers increased of considerable way after the decease of Jobs, creator and founder of Apple in 2011.

Source: http://www.informador.com.mx/tecnologia/2015/595428/6/mujer-desecha-computadora-de-coleccion-creada-por-steve-jobs.htm

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