3 lessons that we learned of the insolvent association between Apple and U2

3 lessons that we learned of the insolvent association between Apple and U2
The event of Apple the past celebrated 9 of September continues giving that to more concretely speak and the decision of the company to give the last album of U2 in iTunes which they try to sell as a victory but the certain thing is that the strategy thought by the company of the apple is not having the awaited results. But why?

1. The users do not want impositions
The users hate that they impose to them or direct towards a certain element and the strategy of Apple with the disc of U2 more than a gift for the users of iTunes was an imposition. The ideal would have been for example to say: “ here it is the new album of U2. Tómelo if it wants ”.

2. The unloadings have finished
For which Apple and the band have thought that this system of unloadings would be everything a success at a time at which all look at the services of music in streaming? The certain thing is that the unloadings in iTunes continue counting themselves by thousands but this one has not been the case. Why?

3. U2 is not so fashionable
This it is because: the band does not wake up the same interest of years back, especially between target objective of iTunes.
In spite of the negative results of this U2 strategy beneficiary has left since, although the exact amount has not become public (the certain thing is spoken of an advertising campaign of more than 100 million dollars) that the band has received by “ giving ” its disc in iTunes, is that we are speaking of an amount probably superior to which they had obtained if they had sent it to the market of conventional form.

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