There are 5 logo types, to which the logo of its brand belongs?

There are 5 logo types, to which the logo of its brand belongs?
There are 5 logo types, to which the logo of its brand belongs?
In the universe of the brands there are million and million logo. In fact, there are so many logos as brands. However, and although the population that inhabits the universe of logos is numerosísima, we can classify his inhabitants in 5 different typologies, the typologies that the company of design The Logo Company proposes in the following computer graphics

1. Symbols

Logos known by all as the one are fitted in this typology Apple, Android, Playboy or McDonald ’ s. The strength of this logo type is that they are very easy to remember and easily are associated to the brands that represent without needing words.

2. Words

There are very many brands that choose as logo the simplest formula: its own name. It is what they do, for example, long-lived brands as Coca-Cola and Disney and also younger brands as Facebook and Pinterest.

3. Letters

Sometimes the name of the brand at issue is too long and it is not more remedy than to make use of abbreviations and acronyms for the design of his logo. Brands as 3M, Cnn, HP and MTV hoist with pride this logo typology.

4. “ stands for casks ” of words and symbols

To some brands it is not enough to them with making use of his name or some symbol in his logo, but they use both elements simultaneously and certain the result can be of “ more sexy ”. Only logo of brands as Adidas, Pringles or Monopoly to verify it are them.

5. Emblems

In the universe of the logos as emblem form elements of all the enumerated logo types occur to appointment in fact previously. They bet by this formula numerous brands of cars as BMW, Volkswagen, Ford or Lamborghini, but also brands other people's to the automobile universe as Starbucks, Perrier or UPS.

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