Apple patents a hybrid between iPad and MacBook

Apple patents a hybrid between iPad and MacBook

A series was known documents where it can be appraised in detail how it would be this equipment, with detachable keyboard, touch screen and wireless load for his battery

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, expressed the past year its refusal towards the development of a portable hybrid between tablet and. But with the company of the manzanita never it is known.

Diverse sites report the appearance of an order of patent in the USA on an equipment that remembers by its appearance to a MacBook, but which they can well be taken as iPad with keyboard including.

According to those documents, the base owns keyboard, trackpad, ports and a wireless chip to communicate with the touch screen. Both elements count on a chip to transimitir energy to each other and without needing being in touch.

The documents of this type usually remain in “ expressions of desire ” on the part of the companies, although nevertheless a great number manages finally to materialize itself.

And with Apple nothing is saying, less still in a market where the competition between the giants of computer science never finishes defining itself.

Source: Infobae.

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