What is a and as this it can benefit company?

What is a  and as this it can benefit company?
A is a space within the hard disk of a dedicated servant who shares the resources of operation of the servant, for example: I can rent a space of 20 GB of the hard disk of the dedicated servant, but I share with the other clients of the supplier of the ram, Capacity of the processor, IP, etc.
This space is rented mainly to store to information and/or applications of constant use as they are it Webpages, E-mails, Data bases, etc., since the servant remains caught the 24 hours of the day, the 7 days of the week and the 365 days of the year.

The Benefits of this service are that to you webpage will be able to be had access to any schedule and the enterprise e-mails will have permanent delivery. The Majority of the suppliers gives to accounts of customized post office in their supplies and domains of websites.
The costs of having a Web hosting are considerably low in comparison to have a servant dedicated, since this it owns much capacity which is only wasted by needing loss capacity, in addition to the lack ferocity that is pleased when having a dedicated servant.

Nevertheless sharing the resources of operation of the servant sometimes can bring shortcomings in the operation of your space, since the tasks of other clients within the servant can saturate the general operation and sometimes delay your operation, is by which if you need more capacity and an optimal operation we recommended to you that you read the article of Servidor Privado Virtual (VPS)

It is from the above that small businesses, small undertakings, projects, mini organizations, companies with niche market are the main clients of these suppliers of , since the amount of work and visits to their webpages is small and of common use, quite the opposite to retail companies and massive sale online as is Falabella companies or Alí xpress, pages that is visited by multiple people at the same time and is of high work in lack ferocity and operation, these companies uses servers dedicated exclusive for their webpages.

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