Why the iPhone 6 will be the device of the year … if still there is somebody doubts it

Why the iPhone 6 will be the device of the year … if still there is somebody doubts it
Apple is preparing the announcement of a great product for the 9 of September, and everything mainly indicates that it will be new the iPhone, one of the most important launchings that Apple has never had, considering the time that has happened since the company presented a new product.

As usually he is habitual, in the last months the speculations have gone off exceeds what will bring this device. The rumors suggest will have a greater screen, with a first model of 4.7 inches and another one of 5.5 that will occur to know at the same time, although one is possibly sent later that is supplies limited.

The great screen and its value for Apple do not have to be underestimated. Samsung recently sent an announcement with which it tried to lash to Apple to have waited for as much time to offer a greater screen, but in fact only served to put of relief the strong appetite of the users by smartphone of Apple with a greater screen. So it seems that most faithful to the company of the apple they are not thinking about jumping to another manufacturer of devices to obtain that characteristic.

But the size of the screen is not the unique thing that will be offered, because also it hopes that the product includes a new material that offers much more durability to protect the screens. It is probable that it is a species of composed of sapphire, and on the basis of the filtered videos of durability tests, would have much more to be able to support to blows and scratches. This would give to Apple a considerable advantage him on the rest of the market, because the majority of competitors uses Gorilla Glass, the material of which was pioneering with its iPhone original.

The work of Apple in these aspects, as much the size of screen as its durability, turns the future to device in one of the most waited for by the users of iPhone and the potential buyers. One also hopes that the company improves the cameras and, if finally it adds technology NFC, would mean the opening for this potential system of movable payments.

Thus, those of Cupertino would add all the requests of their faithful clients and many other new ones so that they jump on board with them, including the improvement of the power of the processor and the yield. If until now there were people who thought that “ only ” to put a greater screen in the device standard of the house she did not mean much to improve the luck of the company, she is that they do not have been paying sufficient attention, because of being clear that the future iPhone 6 is much more that.

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