Google Chrome OS: A rival for Windows 8?

Google Chrome OS: A rival for Windows 8?
First she was the head of Acer loading against Windows 8 some ago days: “ still it is not a success ”, he shelp. And he dropped a small pump, his firm bet by Chrome OS de Google as alternative to the timid reception of Windows 8. Today, HP finishes confirming what it came rumoring: its first portable one with Chrome OS, the Pavillion Chromebook, already on sale (at the moment in EE.UU.) by only 329 dollars. The specifications do not make an impression, but the price yes, just as the 199 dollars of Acer C7 Chromebook or the 249 of Samsung Chromebook. Left Him to Windows 8 serious (and unexpected) has a rival one in Chrome OS?

The rudeness of Microsoft to the manufacturers with its Surface tablet can leave to him expensive. At the moment there are numbers of sales of the no Surface, but it does not seem that they are being run out indeed. That, together with the slow takeoff of Windows 8, is causing that the manufacturers study with urgency other options. They need to rise as is a market of the PC that suffocates before the competition of the tablets, and Chrome OS can be the alternative.

Acer confirmed some ago days that a 5% enter and a 10% of the computers that it distributed in EE.UU from November they went equipped with Chrome OS. Another thing is that it sells them. But already Chromebooks in the market between the 200 are four and the 450 dollars and, although the specifications are far from being impressive, could be an option for many users.

The model that HP puts today on sale counts on screen of 14 inches and resolution 1366×768, processor Intel 1.1 Celeron to GHz, 2GB of RAM, and 16 GB of storage flash (in addition to 100GB free of storage in Google Drive during two years). The design is not its strength (weight 1.8 kilos) but in terms of relation quality-price it can be a competent option for users who only use the computer to sail and basic tasks of productivity and do not seduce a tablet to them (or already they have one).

In fact, the Chromebook is as an attempt to only revive the Netbook phenomenon (basic and cheap computers) that in greater format and with an operating system thinking for Internet.

What possibilities have Chrome OS to eat land to him to Windows? , At the moment little, but they exist. It is certain that Chrome OS does not appear nor in the map as far as market share, but either still Windows 8, just by a 2.4% of the market.

That is to say, Google has before himself a window of a year to at least try to strain itself hard in this land, promoting and betting by Chome OS. It could mount a powerful ecosystem between mobile, tablets and PCs, right what Microsoft is trying.

The doubt is if to Google it really interests to him: why to spend money and time in straining itself in the PC when the platform of the future goes on the other hand and points at the tablets and new formats around her? At the moment the Chromebook seem plus a desperate attempt of the manufacturers to drive their sales that one bets strategic of Google. But never it is known. With a little more investment on the part of Google and 2-3 additional models in the market, to Windows him could arise a serious rival. One more.

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