The device mobile, the channel of the future mounting your company

The device mobile, the channel of the future mounting your company
The world already is movable and Spain is a clear example. According to the last studies, between the 80 and 90% of the Spanish population account with smartphone, the most elevated the highest number of Europe and one of at world-wide level. Data that reflect that the movable technology plays a fundamental role and that would have to be taken advantage of by the companies in its processes of digital transformation, or adapting the Web to a format responsive or creating a movable application.
These devices mobile not only facilitate to the user the consultation of brands and favorite companies of fast and simple form, but also it supposes for the own companies to increase his efficiency and to reduce his costs, as well as to increase his sales and notoriety.
The Digital Valley Business School has identified the seven keys to consider to create one app of success:
Operating systems. Android, of Google, is leader anywhere in the world with more of 80% of market share. Followed very close by it is IOS, with a 15% and leader with iPad the market of tablets. Other operating systems to consider would be: Windows Phone (the third used system more, but with a quota enough inferior) Blackberry, Symbian, Ubunt Touch or Firefox OS. It is not necessary to forget that for all of them a publication license is necessary.
Usability and Experience of the user. When the user opens the application for the first time, first that does he is to realise an analysis work to determine of what he consists and how he works. The users usually do not have much patience, reason why if the application does not respond of intuitive way, they will reject it. He is vital to cause good impression, mainly, at first sight. Languages, usability, clarity, attractive or rapidity of use, are some of the aspects to consider.
Security: He is one of the most important aspects since app will handle deprived information of our users. For this reason, before the user unloads the movable application in his device, he must accept the list of required permissions.
Minting: A gratuitous application can be of payment or although they exist multitude of variants: of payment, gratuitous with publicity, gratuitous with option to another premium one with more functionalities (freemium), gratuitous with micropayments (in-app it purchase), etc. It agrees to decide what type of app we want and what we want to obtain with her before choosing anyone of these variants, because some can be quite annoying.
Viralidad of the App. The only way of which an application is able to position itself, is to secure a great number of unloadings, reason why the plan of marketing and the promotion of the application is key. For it, the viralidad of the App, that can be harnessed including special functionalities as the interaction with GPS and Bluetooth, synchronization with social networks acquires great importance, to facilitate a friendly list, special campaigns, etc.
Valuations: We must be always pending of the opinions that leave our users in the App Stores. Their valuations will be key to optimize the user experience. The first version of aplicaciónseguramente is not perfect, for that reason it is important to count on strategies of update and improvement of the initial project.
Engagement: One is the commitment of the user with the application. In order to measure it, it is necessary to be pending of the number of sessions of the users and the duration of each of them. It is important to stimulate to the user so that pass more time in the application, since this also supposes a greater exhibition to the publicity and an increase of the ARPU (average entrance by user) and of the viralidad. As far as the use frequency, one of the methods to increase it is in sending notifications with new features or promotions that remember the user who can return to use it.

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