She is already official: Twitter begins to prove its new button of “ Compra ”

She is already official: Twitter begins to prove its new button of “ Compra ”
After months of rumors and some tests, Twitter finally finishes announcing the launching of a new button to realise purchases in Web sites. The button “ Comprar now ” will allow the users to directly realise acquisitions from the social network. The new button will extend to a select user group in the first place before being introduced of ampler form. The initial salesmen go from brands as Burberry and The Home Depot, to artists as Ryan Adams and Megadeth.

This button supposes the greatest step of the social network of microblogging to date as far as the electronic commerce and is the result of many months of development and tests, as Nathan Hubbard recognizes, ex- executive director of Ticketmaster who was united to Twitter a year ago as commerce head, moment at which they began to work in this idea.

Previously Twitter or had been entered in this land, with action as the promotion that allowed the users to add to products to its cart of purchases of Amazon adding hashtag #AmazonCart or the association with Starbucks to allow that the clients bought a card of gift of 5 dollars for their friendly through this social network.

For the new function of Twitter purchases it has been associated with Stripe, a service of payments in line, to process transactions and in addition, also is working with several services of electronic commerce, as The Fancy, Gumroad or Musictoday.

The announcement of Twitter is place only two days old after Facebook began to prove the button “ Comprar ”, although the company of Mark Zuckerberg counted on the added advantage of which in this platform the users or had accepted the payments with credit card in gifts or purchases for games of the social network.

Hubbard, to the being asked for the key points that differentiated to Twitter of other social networks, insisted on two elements differentiators: the presence of “ influential people ” in the social network who can drive the users to realise purchases and the fact that Twitter is a service truly in real time, something that cannot be applied to no other place. Therefore, it is deduced that Twitter could be a powerful platform for the most spontaneous purchases and for supplies of limited time.

Hubbard recognized that the improvement of the return on the investment for professionals of marketing and the increase of the income through the transactions is the two main goals of the commerce strategy. Shelp this, he emphasized that Twitter is not thinking about the minting “ in the short term ”. Nevertheless, he does not discard it, because if Twitter does a good work connecting to salesmen and users, says, “ the minting opportunities will be enough clear ones ”.

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