iPhone 6 of 5,5 inches presents delay, it could arrive until 2015!

iPhone 6 of 5,5 inches presents delay, it could arrive until 2015!
The provision of pieces nails for the manufacture of the iPhone 6 of 5,5 inches has been delayed and that is why the production of the smartphone of Apple could be delayed and therefore be arrived at the stores until 2015.

Min Chi-Kuo, an analyst of KGI Securities, known to filter very accurate information, has revealed that the touch screen and the pigmentation the one of the device are not ready in time nor forms, reason why its delay will entail to a delay in the exit of iPhone in its great version the more.

In the publication done in 9to5Mac, also one revealed that although the screen of sapphire for so waited for model of 5,5 will be used for the first time, the possibility that nonpass exists easily the drop test in the short term.

In the last weeks more rumors on the new telephone of Apple have arisen, from their possible name, that it would let the numeration to be Air, to the problems with the little capacity of batteries by design questions and until the possible dates of exit that many assure it will be in next September.

But this new information could be a blow for Apple, because if it is delayed for 2015 principles, is very probable that it does not reach his objectives of sales after this year and could lose more value as company in the stock market.

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