The importance of the speed of load of a Web

The importance of the speed of load of a Web
We want to approach the two main reasons to accelerate a Web and the three causes more common in the slowing down of a page. It is fundamental to understand the importance that a webpage loaded fast.

To have a webpage that it loaded fast would have to be a priority for any business, for two reasons.

1. - The positive impact that can have in the relation of the user with your Web or, rather, the negative impact that one loads slow can have.

2. - The effect that the speed of a Web has on search engine optimization as Google.

There are studies that demonstrate that half secondly more in the time than the navigator in showing a page takes brings about a fall of 20% in the traffic.

For stores of electronic commerce, the impact of one loads slow even can be more serious. Amazon informed into which a delay of 100 milliseconds in the time of load of its pages could lead to a fall of 1% in its income. When you are Amazon and your annual income of the last year were of 74.5 trillions of dollars, that 1% have a very real impact.

The visitors of Webs so known as Google and Amazon are benevolent since they visit those Webs by the value of the service that offer, is the access to a great supermarket of products or the results of a good finder. Who says you that a visitor who arrives at your Web will be so indulgent for the first time when she faces a slow page?

This means, in best of the cases, that if your Web as fast nonload as it would have, you are running the risk of moving away to potential clients, even before they have had the occasion to know of what your company goes and in any case you are harming your positioning Web with respect to other companies of the optimized competition that have Web more and than they are in faster servers. Whenever it is possible is necessary to design the Web well and to choose a good supplier of lodging. Leaving to a side the importance of the geolocalización, if it is possible would be necessary to choose a VPS or dedicated servant to flee from the handicap that supposes to be in a lodging shared with other Webs. From we can assure that a good SEO begins to rightly take some from these decisions. It is not any secret that Google is having in very in account the response time of the servers to determine in that place of the list of results search will go your Web. A slow page not only gives bad sensation to the users. In addition it sees harmed his positioning Web and therefore reduced his visibility. Although this he is only one of the many factors that Google considers in its algorithm to evaluate a Web, you would have to concentrate in the speed of your page as part of the efforts to optimize it facing finders (SEO).

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