The brands hope that this one is the World-wide one more

The brands hope that this one is the World-wide one more
The brands live their own World-wide one in the social networks.

The World-wide one of Brazil is on the verge of beginning. In him all the expectations of the brands, that struggle to secure their moment of glory, thanks to the immense one are put to be able of attraction of the sport king.

For it, the brands have predicted to unfold all arts in all the possible mass media and supports. Between which they cannot lack the social networks. Means 2,0 emphasize excessively by their capacity to attract the attention of the public and to cause sense of expectancy with respect to a message, whose repercussion does not know limits. And everything by a reasonable price, that is derisory, in comparison with the astronomical tariffs of traditional mass media.

Digital marketing is fashionable, and the great brands have bet hard. So it is the case of Adidas, that it has predicted to destine more resources to his presence online, that to the television. An investment that in World-wide the previous one, 4 years ago, did not surpass 20%. According to words of Tom Ramsden, director of global marketing of Adidas football, hopes that this one is World-wide the most social one lived until now. Their actions in television are even oriented to foment the participation of the objective public in the social networks, especially Twitter.

Another point in favor of the brands in this sport competition is the great power of call which already they have great stars of soccer. Without a doubt a great impulse for any brand. Simple tuit of Ronaldo, the most popular sportsman in the platform of the 140 characters, on the second announcement of Nike for the World-wide one, was translated in a tip of visits to the channel of YouTube of the brand, that surpassed the 70 thousand reproductions in a matter of days. Without a doubt, their 26.5 million followers are it jeopardize with the player and all the actions that this one realises in its social profiles.

Besides the important bet by the social networks and the publicity online, we cannot forget to us the conventional means, that also rub the hands before the imminent beginning of the soccer encounter. Nielsen esteem that the advertising investment at global level during this sport event of international transcendence settles down around 2.3 billions of dollars. However, the written press will not suffer the same fate. The numbers show that the incidence of the Glass of the World of Soccer as soon as it has noticed in both previous months at the beginning of the competition; reason why all it makes suppose that the same tendency will stay in the future.

Of another side, besides its social component, this year the World-wide one will be multiscreen. The data presented at the beginning of this month by Yume, more than half of the survey ones (54%) have predicted to see parties online. Streaming will be a habitual way to enjoy these encounter during the World-wide one of Brazil. The global survey of YuMe indicates that, for it, 33% of the spectators will use its computer, a 22% will resort to its tablet, 13% will enjoy the advantages of the connected television, and another 11% will choose by smartphone.

These intelligent devices will also be used to relive the most special moments, the best plays of the most excellent encounter. Nothing less than 60% of the survey ones showed its interest in returning to see those stellar plays in its computer, 23% in smartphone and another 25% will use for it their tablet.

Definitively, the World-wide one of Soccer is an event of international importance that neither the users nor the brands are prepared to lose it.


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