What must have the stores online to catch more clients?

What must have the stores online to catch more clients?
What must have the stores online to catch more clients?
The salesmen of products and services more and more send themselves to the network and they use it as main location where to promote his business. But, what type of requirements must have a store online to catch more clients?

Quisma, agency of marketing and results online, have developed a study where they identify the areas that must optimize the stores online, thus to inspire to the user and to convince to him so that this one finalizes the purchase process.

First of all, “ Page of beginning ” or “ Home ”, since it is first that the users will see, must wake up interest and generate demand, so that it includes showy elements. In addition, it must foment the purchase, suggesting products or indicating the most sold, thus creating confidence in the future consuming.

As far as the “ Page of the Product “, the experts in conversion and optimization of Quisma, recommend to present the product of an attractive form, with great images and the excellent and necessary information of the product.
On the other hand, as far as the section of the “ Basket of Compra “, they advise to realise a good summary of the purchase, where the user can see of clear way his final purchase.
This detail generates confidence and security for the buyer, and stimulates the next purchases.

Finally, from Quisma they also emphasize as very important part the area “ Procedure of the order ” or “ Check-out “, since it is where the final action of purchase is realised. By this, a fast and easy process for the user is due to qualify, where several forms of payment and easy appear to use.

In this study they conclude that, at the time of designing a store online you must be placed in the place of the own user, trying to judge the purchase process from the beginning to check-out.

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