Nokia finally was decided to remove a Tablet and will have Windows 8

Nokia finally was decided to remove a Tablet and will have Windows 8
Ever since the arrival of iPad initiated the fever by the tablets, we have seen the appearance of a great amount of models of Android tablets of the hand of Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola or Acer. Nevertheless there is a company of the truly great ones that still of has maintained strangely besides this more and more important market.

One is Nokia, that finally seems to be contemplating the possibility of sending a tablet that by all means would be based on Windows 8, the platform that according to which their CEO Stephen Elop has confirmed during a chat in Sidney it are first which they have considered for his arrival to this competitive market.

It which had mainly to the commitment that they have towards Microsoft after offering the best experience of user and best integration between Windows Phone, Windows 8, the console 360 Xbox and Xbox 720 or as is that the next generation is going to be called, and services Web as, SkyDrive, 365 Office or Skype among others several. Integration with which Blackberry cannot nor dream, and that is possibly the strength that will allow Windows Phone to remain with the third position of the movable market during 2013.

Clear that the words of Elop do not close the door to a possible manufacture of devices based on Android, something that lately the specialists have suggested in reiterated occasions to Nokia as a form to be diversified and to aim at other segments of the market. But in spite of not discarding that sometimes the Finnish company can arrive at Android, Elop has taken advantage of the subject to respond with I leave concretely of irony to those who as much has criticized their decision to ally itself to Microsoft, when has affirmed that in the market Android nowadays Samsung hardly it generates great gains and other companies as HTC, Motorola or LG as soon as they manage to subsist.


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